Social Dancing classes are a fantastic way for international students to learn about Irish culture in a fun, interactive atmosphere. Mary Beth is a CELTA-qualified EFL teacher, and has been teaching English to international students for over 12 years. The majority of her teaching experience has been at Dublin City University Language Services, but she has also taught at Columbia University’s American Language Program in New York City, and at the Wellington Institute of Technology in New Zealand.

Social dancing (also called céilí, or group dancing) provides students with the opportunity to get to know one another in a relaxed environment. Although students will begin the dance with one partner, they will change partners often throughout the set, as is the nature of traditional Irish social dancing. This gives them the chance to meet and interact with a large number of students. Additionally, learning dancing helps international students improve their listening skills as they take instruction from the teacher and work together as a group to complete the set.

With her experience as both a language teacher and a dancing teacher, Mary Beth is able to explain the dances in a way that learners can understand, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The goal, in this case, is participation and enjoyment rather than perfection!

Along with language students, Mary Beth also works with school groups, corporate groups, hen parties, and wedding parties. Past groups include learners from Atlantic Language School DublinBord na Gaeilge UCD, Dublin City University Language Services, Frances King School of English, Friends of the Elderly, Griffith College DublinHorner School of English, IBAT College, and Putney Student Travel (USA)

“My organization brings a group of high school aged students to Mary Beth for dance classes each summer. She is absolutely wonderful! The students feel immediately at ease, her classes are well-paced and inviting to both beginners and experienced dancers. Students rave about their dance experience and we always enjoy our time with Mary Beth. We couldn't recommend her more!”

Brenna C., Putney Student Travel (USA)